Wednesday, November 16, 2005

On a losing streak

First the Orange Hoisin Chicken was overcooked in the slow cooker. I didn't even serve it for dinner - we had chili dogs instead. It was edible though. I chopped the chicken up and mixed it with the brown rice and the sauce and had it for lunch and it really wasn't that bad. I just had too much pride than to serve that sawdust chicken to my husband.

Then there was my worst disaster since starting this blog. I put together a corn and crab (well, imitation crab which the recipe gave as an option) enchilada casserole that I really don't think anyone is going to eat. The 'spicy' sauce included cinnamon and cloves. I left out the cloves but I should have left out the cinnamon since I think that's the big turn off. There were at least $10 worth of ingredients in that dish that will end up in the trash. I was amazed to put together something inedible. It was from my one of my favorite cookbooks too, Favorite Brand Name Slow Cooker, Casseroles and More. This was the first time I didn't feel a recipe was worth sharing.

That casserole has really made me lose my confidence in my recipe choosing abilities. I threw sausage in the crockpot for tonight's dinner. Which means the Fiesta Sausage and Rice recipe I was going to make for tomorrow night won't happen. I hope I can find a good replacement.


Deetsa said...

Don't you just hate how a bad recipe can really kill your love of food not to mention hurt your pocketbook? It's happened to me before too. I sympathize.

When I was attempting to be raw vegan (WHAT was I thinking?) I ended up screwing up more "recipes" in a row than I care to admit. I really was at a low point with food after that for some time. I'm only just now really coming back into my own.

Anonymous said...

Paula--I feel your pain! I've had some bummers lately too. Of course, I don't put them on the blog, so no one ever has to know. Actually, my latest post is the only bummer I've ever put on. So far.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I'll post almost anything I make, since usually if it's not a knockout, it was my error or it was something I think others might enjoy. But that crab and corn enchilada casserole was downright nasty! I felt sorry for the trash can.