Monday, December 12, 2005

You Are What You Eat: My Ten Favorite Foods

I was tagged for a meme by Heather at Eating For One. My very first! It's a difficult one too. You Are What You Eat: My Ten Favorite Foods. I'm very much a Libra, always balancing the scales, never able to make a concrete decision on anything. A day of shopping with my sister, another Libra, can be excruciating when the time comes to decide what we're going to eat for lunch. Even if we end up in a food court, we tend to wander around aimlessly for 30 minutes before we can make a decision.

So the best I can do is speak for the moment.

1. Pizza - This was the only thing that immediately popped into my head. I LOVE pizza. From an English muffin or bagel topped with sauce and cheese to gourmet pizza topped with shrimp and feta or other more exotic ingredients, call it 'pizza' and I'm there. I've put together pizzas with pre-made crusts but I've never made my own. It's a dream of mine, but around here Friday is pizza night and with a full-time job, I've just never gotten around to making my own pizza dough since it needs rise time. It's on my to-do list so sometime this year it will happen.

2. Halushki - Also known as cabbage and noodles. I enjoy most of the ethnic foods I grew up on (kielbasi, perogi, stuffed cabbage) but this is my favorite of them all. Unfortunately, cooking cabbage is not something I like to do in my own home so I make sure I enjoy this at the church picnics near my hometown. Almost all of these festivals have halushki on the menu.

3. Steak - Rare to medium rare. Preferably from a good steak house. I may not get to anyplace fancier than TGIF's these days but in my past life, I've had the pleasure of enjoying both Ruth's Chris (in San Juan) and Morton's (in Philly). Both places have wonderful steaks and, seriously, what food doesn't taste great on an expense account?

4. Cream of Wheat - Prepared with milk and loaded with sugar and butter, this is a treat I usually reserve for getting over a stomach bug. It's usually one of the first things I crave. It reminds me of my childhood.

5. Banana ice cream - Good banana ice cream. Straight- no add ins. Bassett's is probably the best but I can't get it in this area. The only good plain banana ice cream I can get is Hershey's and only one little store, a couple towns over sells the small square pints of this.

6. Scallops - Just barely cooked through. Simple broiled is best. With melted butter or tartar sauce if they're fried.

7. Tiramisu - This is not as much of a treat as it was before I started making my own, but I only do that once a year so it's still pretty special. Gotta have the marscapone though. Yes, make it with cream cheese and it's still tasty but it's not the same.

8. Wendy's Single - With just ketchup. This is the only place I order a burger without cheese or other condiments.

9. Cheese - Except goat cheese. I was shocked to discover that I don't like goat cheese but I've had to accept it and go on with my life, sad as that fact made me. There are still so many other cheeses out there to enjoy.

10. Donuts - The pizza of the world of sweets. So many varieties and I love them all. Not overly thrilled about jelly donuts but they'll do in a pinch. Usually a glazed chocolate cake donut is my first choice.

Now, ask me to re-write this list at this very second and I probably could come up with an entire new list (except for the pizza). My tastes change every moment but at the time I came up with this list, these were my favorites.

I think meme rules dictate I must tag several others but I'm so new to this game, that I really don't have anyone to tag. Oh well, memes have to go somewhere to die, I suppose. For now, this is the meme graveyard but I love that Heather tagged me for this. Not only did I enjoy coming up with my list, I followed the trail back and discovered many new blogs to add to my daily reading. Thanks, Heather!


Heather said...

No problem on the tag. Plus I got to learn more about you. I think pizza has to be the most common answer. I love it too.

MommyProf said...

Yum, Cream of Wheat. Yuck, scallops.