Sunday, May 21, 2006

Back in the ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday Game

Artichoke Salsa
Home For The Holidays Volume 7 – Holiday Recipes Copyright 2002

1 jar artichoke hearts (not marinated), drained, chopped I used a can of artichoke hearts
½ cup chopped black olives I used Kalamata olives - I think they're much more flavorful
2 tablespoons chopped red onion
3 medium tomatoes, chopped I used organic plum tomatoes and took the seeds out
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons chopped basil leaves I used a sprinkle of dried - fresh was too $$$
salt and pepper to taste
pita bread I used whole wheat pita

Mix all of the above ingredients together, except pita bread; refrigerate.
Cut pita into triangle slices. Bake at 400 degrees for 5 to 8 minutes.
Serve pita chips with salsa.

I haven't participated in Sweetnick's ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday in quite a while, due to poor planning on my part. However, I couldn't resist with this veggie-packed recipe. I was actually worried that this wouldn't have much flavor but the canned artichokes have a lemony flavor from the citric acid that they're canned in, and then the garlic added quite a punch (a serious punch - don't make this if you have any romantic intentions whatsoever). Fresh basil would have been great in this but it's pricey in my local grocery and it was also really sad looking this week so I passed.

I loved the lightness of this recipe. You could dress this with a little oil and lemon juice but it was fine as it was. Let's face it you could do a lot to this recipe - heck, you can make 'salsa' out of just about anything. I'm not sure why I see the same varieties over and over when there's an endless amount of possibilities. A light salsa is a great thing to keep on hand for snacking.

This was a pamphlet cookbook, part of collection put out by the VFW. I picked this up at a yard sale this weekend, along with a similar one from a different year with different recipes. I wonder what happened to the other volumes in the collections. I also got a couple of vintage Better Homes and Garden cookbooks and a 1986 fundraiser cookbook. No one ever seems to put out any really good cookbooks at yard sales but for 25 or 50 cents each I took a chance on these not-so-interesting-looking books and was pleasantly surprised. Well, I was interested in the Better Homes and Garden books. Those I was excited to see.

Question of the Day: Do you make salsa? What kind?


Wanda said...

No, I never have. Down here in South Texas 'salsa' means tomatoes, cilantro, jalapenos and onions. That's it. It's used on tortilla chips or as a sauce for food.

Today's recipe sounds very intriguing. I may get the ingredients the next time I go to the supermarket, and try it.

Heather said...

yes, salsa was the reason I bought a food processor. I just make normal salsa with tomatoes, onions, garlic, lime, jalepenos, cilantro, no biggie but we like it.

Annie said...

I'm not a big salsa eater, but this recipe looks great and I love artichokes as well as all the other ingredients.
Looks healthy too!
If you like artichokes check out my blog on "Cheaters" Stuffed Artichokes- I also use canned artichoke hearts in that recipe.

Anonymous said...

The only salsa I have ever made is tomato salsa,plenty hot.

Fiber said...

I just recently made my first salsa, which I just posted to my blog. It was a basic tomato salsa, although this artichoke salsa looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big artichoke fan so really enjoyed this. It seemed more of a salad than salsa but, however it's described, it's yummy.

Kaneez Bano said...

This was so tempting and tastybuddy :D I have something similar once in south Asia
You have a great value meals in your site.I wish to try all these and messup all this year :)