Thursday, August 17, 2006

Going through withdrawal

I'm out of recipes for now. I'll be posting about a few of the things I'm making for the cookout but since we'll probably be living off leftovers for a few days, next week might be a light week too.

I really miss not cooking. There just doesn't seem to be any good 'grab-and-go' food around. Last night I put a little effort into dinner and made Suzie's Sloppy Joes again. I don't have a single clue what we're going to have tonight. Something I grab in the supermarket after work.

Between eating crappy food and being stressed out about this cookout, my appetite hasn't been very good but I've been stress eating, which coupled with a poor appetite, really makes me feel really awful. I actually have the cookout under control except the weather isn't going to be perfect, like it was last week, and I can't seem to get over that. I just don't want it to rain. The forecast has been everything to partly cloudy to chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms (the latest forecast). We had great weather four years in a row - the streak had to end sometime.


Unknown said...

Looks like you have the opposite experience when it comes to least for the past few years! Whenever our cul-de-sac planned a cookout it rained...EVERY TIME! I don't think we got to eat outside once. At least the forecast is "isolated storms" and "chance of rain." Hope the weather holds out and the rain is when you're getting in the bed for a good night's rest!

ThursdayNext said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather holds up for you! Have fun and enjoy the cookout! :)