Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We are experiencing technical difficulties

I have no dial tone at home and that's where all the magic happens. I spoke to a lovely computer (isn't it nice that the phone company doesn't have to deal with so many pesky human employees anymore?) and she said that it was probably their issue and it would be fixed by Thursday. If it's something on our end, I get to pay the lovely sum of $91 just for a service person to come out PLUS $91 for the first half hour and then $46 for every half hour after that. So if a service person came out for an hour it would be $228. $228 for an hour. Compare that to what most Americans make hourly.


Anonymous said...

oiyy!!! Hope it all gets sorted out quickly. Hm. Maybe I need to consider a career change. I'm getting more like $ 2.28/hour!!!

ThursdayNext said...

I am so mad at your phone company right mad.

Randi said...

Do you pay inside line wire maintenance? Its like .95 cents a month and then you get your service calls for free. The phone company charges ppl this and most do not realize it. Most won't ever need a service call in the entire life. Check out your phone bill.