Monday, August 04, 2008


I had a week of recipes planned and then the baby decided to develop a roaring case of baby eczema. My first son had this but I was ignorant about eczema and food allergies back then and even the pediatrician really didn't have anything to say about it except to suggest some creams.

Now I know that it's most likely something I'm eating, the most common cause being dairy but I'm also cutting out tomatoes since it really seemed to take off when I started eating tomato sauce everyday (it was helping my milk supply).

So, I had to put aside this week's recipes which included plenty of cheese and tomatoes and I'll be making simple dinners this week until I can hopefully get the baby's skin under control. I was hoping we wouldn't be dealing with any food allergies this time around but I gave birth to my older's son clone so I'm not surprised.

I'll be back when I have something to blog about.


ThursdayNext said...

Argh...I know what that is like. I hope his skin gets well soon - take the week and relax, Paula.

Jennifer said...

Been there, done that, a lot. My sympathies. My dairy-free site may be helpful to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Experienced with baby eczema :(
I used eucerin cream with all three of mine; first two it worked great but number three was tougher to find a good solution. good luck! i love your blog and check in often.

Anonymous said...

Man, I hate when the kids aren't well. I have been fortunate of late, as mine have been well (knock heavily on my wooden head). Since I have been sourcing more of my food as locally as possible and especially local honey and local raw milk, my children's, albeit light, allergies have been non-existent. I am trying to get my adult friends to try a similar approach.

Unknown said...

Sorry you're having to deal with all that again. As for the eczema, my favorite experienced pediatrician would say "Just keep him lubed up! You want him to slip out of your hands." :-) Hope all clears up soon.