Friday, September 12, 2008

Autumn is on the way

I can't believe these Maple Walnut Cupcakes are from two years ago. I can't believe that fall is almost here. I love fall, I really do. Unfortunately winter comes after fall and since I now have to operate a vehicle during that season, I can no longer enjoy it. That is one thing I miss about living in the city - not having to worry about road conditions.

Hopefully I will have something new to post about next week. I can't promise anything exciting but I'm at least going to try to make a couple of new recipes to share with you. I woke up today thinking 'TGIF!' but then I realized that I don't really get a break on the weekend - I need to spend it getting ready for next week. Oh well, it gets easier. Eventually.


Sara said...

I love anything maple, these cupcakes look great.

. . . said...

i didn't see these ones the first time around! they're gorgeous and sound really yummy.