Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekly Recap

I'm going to post more holiday recipes in a second but I wanted to do the weekly recap first. I've been using this to keep track of what we're eating so I don't want to skip it.

Monday: Garlic-Sage-Marinated Beef Pot Roast

Tuesday: Turkey Bolognese made with leftover turkey and chicken from the freezer. I used Smart Taste spaghetti and we had garlic-cheese bread with it.

Wednesday: Big Game Baked Round Steak, made with venison chops. This wasn't bad. I think it's my favorite venison recipe so far. I might try chili sauce instead of ketchup next time for an extra kick. I soaked the meat in buttermilk for a day and a half which helped a lot, I'm sure. We had corn and one of those packaged pasta side dishes with it.

Thursday: Chicken with Vegetable Sauce. I love this sauce. I don't really think it does much for the chicken though. Next time I'll cut the chicken into small pieces so the sauce can penetrate the meat a bit more.

Salad was available every day.

Tonight: Take out pizza. My son has his Christmas party this afternoon so I'm not rushing home to make pizza from scratch. Well, he has his Holiday party. Well, actually the kids are calling it a Penguin party this year since they're dressing up like penguins and singing a penguin song (not because political correctness has gone that far).

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