Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some pink foods for Valentine's Day

Sorry but that's probably it on new recipes for this week. Last night I had to do Valentine's Day cards for my older son's party which they're having today. When did Valentine's Day cards become so complicated? Putting them together is an exercise in origami (which I was never able to master).

No more 'sign and stuff' but instead:

Step 1. Sign them.

Step 2. Separate them.

Step 3. Form them into little boxes.

Step 4. Form them into little boxes again because I did them the wrong way.

Step 5. Form them into little boxes again because I was right the first time.

Step 6. Stuff with candy.

Step 7. Feel guilty in morning when teacher mentions she will just be happy if the child tried to write his own name on the cards but Bad Mommy didn't think to let him help since it takes him 10 minutes and a giant sheet of paper to write his name once so writing it 21 times in a tiny space seemed an impossibility.

Step 8. Explain to teachers that there was only one favorite teacher valentine included in the box and the teacher who didn't get that Valentine shouldn't take it personally - they are loved equally (and Bad Mommy didn't manage to find time to work around this).

Since I have nothing new, here are a few pink recipes to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day.

Strawberry Cake:

Big, Soft Sugar Cookies with Strawberry Icing:

Cream Cheese Strawberry Mousse:

Strawberry Ice Cream:

Brownie Buttons:


Unknown said...

Mmmmm...all of these look so good!

Anonymous said...

Since I've made so many cookies the last few days, the only thing that appeals to me is the ice cream. I've eaten tooooo many cookies! I have been making a similar strawberry cake for ages that everyone just loves. I think the icing may be the only difference. It's just a glaze of powdered sugar and liquid from the strawberries. Too funny with the valentines!


HotHeaded said...

Oh I know what you mean with those valentines. I learned after the 1st one just have them sign the name and be done with it. Because mommy gets irratated having to write the same thing over and over. lol :)

Unknown said...

Yummy!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sara said...

I think they all look amazing, but I am leaning towards that mousse, it looks soooooooooo good!