Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes Sir!

No recipe today. I actually went to the gym last night. Since going back to work my gym workouts take place only on the weekend. During the week it's been the basement treadmill or nothing. With the days now getting longer, I was finally motivated to run over to the gym in the evening. Between that and getting our tax papers together, I didn't have time to transcribe a recipe last night.

So I thought I'd share this little food-related story with you. My son likes those Eggo Toaster Swirlz ("Cinnamon Swirlz")and often asks for them. (Don't judge me! It's not all from scratch in this house.) They are tricky to cook in the toaster oven since the toaster oven runs hot and they need to be heated until they are hot just through but still soft. Once, I let them go too far and now whenever my son asks for these - every time! - he says "Cinnamon Swirlz please - AND DON'T BURN THEM!"

"And don't burn them"??? Geez, he usually tells me what a good 'cooker' I am.


Anonymous said...

hahaha--gotta love kids!!

Jennifer said...

Don't feel bad, I don't know anyone (anyone normal that is, LOL) that always cooks from scratch. I think everyone has their busy days and fall back meals (mine is usually breakfast for dinner, or rice-a-roni, a veggie and chicken breasts on the foreman grill). Plus, my kids LOVE poptarts! And act like they are the best food on earth!

Sara said...

Lol! He knows what he wants! No judging from me - I love eggos!

Red Dirt Mummy said...

LOL - I usually get the 'good cooker' comment from my kids too but when I mess up I don't hear the end of it for days!
And the not cooked from scratch thing? My kids think tinned baked beans are the biggest treat in the world, especially with some grated cheese stirred in ;)