Monday, December 28, 2009

Easing back into blogging

This Christmas went off about as smoothly as any. It wasn't perfect - I never got around to sending out any cards this year and I spent way too much money - but overall I'd rate it as one of the least stressful and one of the most satisfying and enjoyable Christmases that I can remember. Considering all the illnesses that ran through our household in December, that was a major accomplishment.

I almost didn't bake this year but in the end I pulled it off. I didn't put as much effort into it as I usually do. I decided just to make whatever I could reasonably make in that last week before Christmas. I had a clean slate this year. I didn't feel any pressure to make the same recipes I always make yet I wasn't intending to fiddle with new recipes. In the end I made a combination of old and new and everything went over really well this year.

Well, some recipes were 'sort of new'. I didn't have the time or energy to tackle my chocolate-covered caramels this year so instead, I made the caramel and I dipped pretzel rods in it, then covered them with chocolate and sprinkles. I also topped some Lorna Doones with the caramel and then dipped them in chocolate and sprinkles, making a Twix-like candy. I didn't even use a candy thermometer since I've made the recipe often enough to have a feel for what the caramel needed to look like. The topping and dipping was easier than letting the caramel set and cutting it (which always leaves me with blisters on my hands) and then dipping all those small caramels. I don't know if I'll every make them again since this was more fun and I can think of more things I'd like to dip in the caramel next year.

So there you go. After my little break you're only getting one non-recipe and one bad picture but at least I've dipped my toes back in the blogging pool.

Question of the Day: Did you have a nice holiday?


tamilyn said...

In the end it was nice. College daughter is home and after her being away for 3 months and then suddenly being back caused some friction with her younger sister and some blow-up. Things quieted down before the big day and I'm grateful for that. Glad to hear your's was unstressful :}

Chef Aimee said...

It was nice but there was almost too much food. I baked my pb and jelly thumbprint cookies, which was fun. I was too tired this year as well and also didnt send out cards - I feel guilty, but there is always next year.

Wanda said...

Yes, I did...despite the fact that I was really under the weather with a cold/sinus thing. I intended to blog each day of Dec. but totally dropped the ball after the 22nd.
Christmas Eve is our familily get-together, so I pulled it together with a bare minimum of cooking - Sausage Stars (which are MUST HAVES or it can't be Christmas), a large home-done Veggie Platter with Ranch Dip...and maybe one other thing I am forgetting... But the kids rallied and brought Little Smokies, Cheese Balls and Crackers and Choc. Chip Cookies. So we had plenty to snack on while opening gifts.