Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I will cook again

For a moment there I wondered if I would ever cook again. I contemplated selling off my cookbook collection. But lately I'm thinking that I will eventually cook again. I may thin down my cookbook collection a bit but I'm not going to let go of it just yet.

So hang tight, I will be back eventually.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to know that you will still be cooking!



Sheila said...

Good to know you will cook again. I tried to find you on facebook a while back but I don't get on there often so I'm not really sure of my way around there. Good thoughts for you and your family.

B and the boys said...

I have made the sour cream banana bread three times in the last two weeks-- the kids can't get enough of it. Thanks for providing the Cookbook Junkie Recipes blog as a companion blog--very helpful! I do miss your posts more often, but it is good to change things up in our lives once in a while. B

~~louise~~ said...

As a cookbook collector for many years, Paula, I can tell you from experience, I am so sorry I didn't sleep on it a bit longer when I "thinned" out my collection. I still think I have books I no longer have and get upset about it to this day.

I'm so glad you are reconsidering. I've only recently started really cooking again after many many years of taking a hiatus. So glad I kept some at least:)

Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to see what goodie you uncover:)

Meg said...

Like ~~louise~~, I too regret having thinned out my collection. Relax, stuff the cookbooks on a shelf, cook what you know for a while, and then, when life is a bit less hectic (think "the kids will be 20 or so" someday!), you'll pull out those books and have a great time!

Mandy said...

I look forward to your return. I just found your site and I have tried several of your recipes and I really like them.



Unknown said...

I am still working off your archive (thankfully it is still online!) I think when your baby is a bit older you might be more interested. When my children were really little, well, they do take over your life!!