Thursday, May 06, 2010


That is the only way to describe my life right now - stalled. That's not to say that life is unpleasant for me, but I am ready to move on. The local rental market is still not cooperating, unfortunately.

They're having a book sale in the lobby today. Proceeds benefit my son's daycare so I had to buy, right? I got 5 books for under $40, which isn't too bad for a sale like that (they are new books and both the center and the company running the sale needs to make money). I don't remember the last cookbook I bought before today.

I've been cooking but I haven't been making new recipes. I believe that my off-the-cuff cooking has greatly benefited from all the recipes I've tried over the years. I mostly keep things simple - quesadillas, stir-fries, simple pasta dishes, basic broiled or grilled meats. I'm still using a lot more convenience items but they were really starting to add up so that motivated me to get back to more 'real' cooking.


Sheila said...

I'm sorry your life is stalled right now. Hopefully with the warmer weather, the housing market will open up and you will find the perfect place for you and your sons.
I bought a Weight Watchers cookbook the other day--first cookbook bought in a long time.
Take care and I hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Weight Watchers 5 Ingredients, 15 Minutes cookbooks. The recipes are healthy and resonable priced and super easy to make (even on a work night). I prefer the inexpensive magazine type you can pick up at the check-out counter... I have ad better luck with them for some reason.

I hope things pick up for you soon.


DancesInGarden said...

Hey Lady. Been thinking about you! Just wanted to let you know.