Monday, April 25, 2011

A quick one so you know I'm still alive

Cream Filling
the Ugly Binder, from the internet

2 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
2 boxes (3.4 oz or 4serving size) vanilla instant pudding
12oz thawed frozen whipped topping

Mix all ingredients, one at a time, in a stand mixer, in the order listed. the filling should be pretty stiff before you add the whipped topping. You'll need to refrigerate whatever you are filling.

I made this cake for my dad's birthday. This is the piece I transported back with us so it isn't very pretty. I baked a yellow cake (actually two cakes, but that's a story for another post) and used this filling in between the layers and on top. I added sliced strawberries between the layers and strawberry halves around the edge of the top of the cake.

I enjoyed this filling enough that I definitely didn't want to miss documenting it. If you don't like instant pudding and Cool Whip, this probably won't be for you but I grew up with those things and still like them. I think the heavy cream made this a bit richer and denser which I really liked. Both my boys loved this which is what really made this a winner for me.

I have lots of recipes that I haven't told you about but life is crazy and my computer is dying a slow death, I believe. I will try to post at least one or two a week until I can get back on track again.


Lynda S said...

Sounds great! Fresh strawberries aren't that far away!

Alisha said...

That sounds so easy! :)

Glad to see you're still posting .. wish I could get my blog face back on too.

B and the boys said...

YUM! Sounds rich and delicious!

Jannett said...

So easy and looks delicious... ;o)

Cannabutter said...

great recipe man ! I tried it and add it a pinch of some special ingredient I had in the kitchen turned out even great. I quoted you as the original recipe owner. Waiting for more! Aaron