Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a picture: Halloween cupcakes

No recipe today (I just can't produce the material I used to!) I had a bunch of Halloween sprinkles in my stash and I received some nice greaseproof Halloween-themed cupcake liners as a gift for my birthday earlier this month so I just wanted to make some cupcakes without looking for a recipe. I haven't had a lot of success with from-scratch cupcakes and I'm not really on a mission to find that perfect cupcake recipe either so for these I used boxed mix (yellow with orange flecks). I will still occasionally try more cupcake recipes but if I don't resort to the box more often, I'll never make a dent in my supply of cupcake liners and sprinkles.

I like boxed cake mix. It's consistent. These cupcakes all rose beautifully - the all had the same not-too-high of a dome on top and none of them mushroomed over. They weren't dry although I probably overbaked them slightly. Topped with Easy Buttercream (I'm not as big a fan of canned frosting as I am of boxed cake mix), these weren't half-bad.

(This barely made a dent in my sprinkle stash but what do you want to bet that I pick up more Halloween sprinkles on clearance after Halloween?)


Annie Jones said...

I do have a good selection of sprinkles, but I'm probably worse about the cupcake liners. I picked up some Halloween liners on Friday and when I put them away, I found another package I had picked up (and forgotten) a week or so ago.

I use them in Kat's lunch sometimes to hold small food like nuts, pieces of cheese, dried fruit, etc. It adds a little color to her lunch box.

Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty cupcakes. They are so festive. Sprinkles make everything look so pretty, but am I in the minority - can't stand to eat them? It seems like all kids love them, though. I know my grands do. When they get them on ice cream, I just cringe.


Lyn said...

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