Monday, May 29, 2006

Where have you been all of my life?

Easy Cream Puff Cake
Helping Our Kids Grow (fundraiser cookbook) Copyright 2000

1 c. water
1 stick butter
1 c. flour
4 eggs

Crust: Boil water and butter together. Add flour. Mix well on low heat. Dough will come away from the pan. Remove from stove. Add eggs one at a time. Beat until egg disappears. Spread in ungreased 9x 13-inch cake pan. Bake at 400 for 25 minutes. Press out bubbles when cool. Various recipes have this timed at 25 to 40 minutes so go with your instincts. It will look done on the outside before it's cooked through.

2 small boxes vanilla instant pudding I used French vanilla
2 ½ c. cold milk
1 8-oz pkg. cream cheese
1 8-oz container Cool Whip

Cream cheese until smooth. Add pudding and milk until thick. Spread on cool cake. Top with Cool Whip. Optional: Drizzle with chocolate syrup.

For family cookouts, I usually find myself looking for the 'classics' that I've missed. I'm talking about Cool Whip/pudding/Jell-O/cake mix/sweetened condensed milk/cream cheese/etc conconctions that have made the rounds of pot lucks and other social gatherings. There are so many of these recipes, I just haven't been able to sample them all. I still haven't tried the pretzel/Jell-O/strawberries/cream cheese recipe which I'm pretty sure I would really like.

The best place to find these recipes are fundraiser cookbooks. Not only will you see the same recipes in several cookbooks, you'll see variations of the same recipe in the same cookbook. This recipe was all over the place. I love cream puffs and eclairs but I never feel like sitting around and piping these out individually or filling them individually. Making this as one big dessert was so easy and it was definitely a hit. I can't believe I've never made this before now. That piece in the picture was the last one. It wasn't the prettiest piece of the dessert (it had survived two 2-hour car trips in a cooler by the time this picture was taken) but I still think it looks pretty good.

And heck, if instant pudding and Cool Whip is not your thing, use a from-scratch custard and real whipped cream.

Question of the Day: What type of desserts do you usually serve at cookouts (or barbecue or picnics - whatever term you might use)?


Heather said...

I totally agree with your post. I also am pretty sure you would like the strawberry/pretzel/cream cheese dessert.
To your question, I usually make something that can stand the heat and doesn't need to be refrigerated.

Wanda said...

OH... that looks and sounds so good! I really don't make desserts - only very rarely. Usually if I need to make one for some reason, it turns out to be a watermelon.... A plain old watermelon. Ha! Yes, I am L-A-Z-Y. I used to make cookies a LOT. I love homemade cookies, and they are easy to pack, transport and serve, too.

ThursdayNext said...

I like making any kind of cookie or bar that is lemon or lime. I made a recipe of white chocolate key lime cookies a few weeks ago that is good for a picnic.

Ziz said...

Mmmmmm looks soooo goood! :)

Anonymous said...

It varies.I'm kinda the dessert queen of our circle of friends,so I try to change it up.I made Strawberry Cheesecake for our cookout this weekend.

Randi said...

I usually make cakes, most often I make texas sheet cake from cooking light because its super easy and makes a lot. Have you ever made a margarita pie? It has a pretzel crust. It uses real whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk. You'd probably like it

Wanda said...

I am surprised Jan didn't stop in today. But then she is busy baking for a family reunion. Two of the things she is making fit right in with today's focus. She made Cowboy Cookies and is also planning to make an Apricot Nectar Cake. YUM! (She's also taking beans and cole slaw I think she said.)

Anonymous said...

Late or not, here I am. Wanda relayed the desserts I am taking to our family reunion. Cookies always travel well and the cake will also - a 13"x9" with a glaze instead of a lot of frosting.

Night, night!


Anonymous said...

My whole family LOVED this dessert and that is mighty rare. It's definately a keeper!

Anonymous said...

This looks so good! The closest thing I've made is the Chocolate Eclair Cake from Cook's Country. Their Strawberry Pretzel Salad, which sounds like what you're describing, is also really really good!