Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 2007 Cookbook Giveaway

Yes, it's time for another cookbook giveaway. This is the last of the Food and Wine Quick From Scratch cookbooks that I was able to score.

Food and Wine's Quick From Scratch Pasta, which contains the following recipes I've blogged about:

Cavatappi with Pepperoni
Linguine Carbonara
Perciatelli with Meat Sauce and Fontina
Tex-Mex Cavatappi
Whole Wheat Spaghetti With Sausage and Peppers

The rest of the recipes can be found here. Yes, all of the recipes from these Quick From Scratch cookbooks can be found online but it's just not the same as flipping through a cookbook while sipping a glass of wine or hot cocoa.

This is how it works - just leave a comment on this post. I just need an e-mail address (if your profile links to an e-mail, you don't need to type it out, I'll find it). Entry is open until the last day of the month. First chance I get after that, I'll draw the winner. Then I'll contact the winner for a mailing address and then I mail the book! I'll pay the shipping, of course.

I'll open this to everyone - in or out of the U.S. It will have to go by the least expensive method if an international reader wins.

Remember, I need an e-mail address and a name. It's amazing how many people forget themselves and just join in as 'anonymous' with no other identification.

*********Brilynn is the winner!********************


MommyProf said...
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Anonymous said...

Count me in!! jaid72@yahoo.com

Brilynn said...

I loooove me some pasta!

Lawn Mower Queen said...

Oooo, all those recipes sound delicious. I love pasta! Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

mmm, pasta. please enter me: TJ Rogers (tjrogers.noaids@gmail.com)

Anonymous said...

enter me.



ThursdayNext said...

I am in Paula! :)
Thanks for allowing me to be in the running!

Anonymous said...

Looks good.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Enter me please! Pasta rules.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Count me in, please! grandchamp@gmx.ch

Anonymous said...

count me in

sugar__mama said...

Me too please!


MommyProf said...

Enter me, please. (no spam e-mail update)


Chrispy said...

not all the anonymous people seem to have read the full post.

besides that enter my name if I am allowed.

Randi said...

me, me, me

TJacobson said...

I love these cookbooks, but don't have this one! Thanks for counting me in.


Christine said...

Me too!

Cris B. said...

Yummy Stuff - please count me in! Thank you

Cris - MarineMom682@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Look great!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say count me in, but, seeing the post above, if you draw my name, please give it to marinemom. I'm a sucker for the military moms.

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to your next recipe.

NoPeanuts said...

"Pastas" is my daughter's favourite meal! I boil the pasta, add grated parmesan, green peas and a touch of both cream and olive oil. She would have it for every meal if I let her ... she'd be happy to get a new pasta cookbook :)


It Takes A Village To Avoid A Peanut

Anonymous said...

sign me up for the giveaway, PLEASE!! Recipes sound great!
-M.Leigh K

Anonymous said...

this book sounds great!!
e-mail: lhotsi@hotmail.com