Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eating like a trucker
--Trucker’s Polish Sausage Sandwich

Trucker’s Polish Sausage Sandwich
The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook Copyright 2002

5 ounces Polish or smoked sausage
½ cup cooked sauerkraut
2 slices mozzarella cheese
1 hoagie roll
Dijon mustard
3 or 4 onion rings I had breaded onion rings
Pickle I skipped the pickle

Slice the sausage horizontally and grill on both sides. Put the sauerkraut on the sausage and melt the cheese over the top. Serve on the grilled hoagie roll with Dijon mustard. Serve with the onion rings and garnish with a pickle.

1 serving

I've had my eye on this sandwich recipe for a while. It just sounded like a good combination to me and I was waiting for an evening when I wanted to make something super easy. What better time than Thanksgiving week? I don't make sandwiches too often for dinner during the week since our weekend meals are usually some type of sandwich and my husband eats sandwiches for lunch every day.

It was good and I balanced it out with some steamed broccoli.

I may be MIA the rest of the week since we'll be away for a couple of days. I should have pie recipes when I get back. I haven't had much luck with new pie recipes so wish me luck!

Blast From The Past: Key Lime Pie from June 2006. I should make that again but I think I've settled on my pie recipes.

Question of the Day: Do you know any truckers?


Anonymous said...

Don't know any truckers but that cookbook sounds fun! Have a great Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to your pie recipes.

Randi said...

Hey, I made the butterscotch pie today as Hagan Daz was on sale here for 3.33. Its normally 6.29 if you can believe it.

NightWind said...

I am a trucker, have been for almost 29 yrs. I run a website for truckers as well you can find it at if your interested in knowing more about truckers and trucking.

Anonymous said...

That sandwich looks delicious.