Monday, March 02, 2009

More baked wings

Pattie's Baked Chicken Wings
The Ugly Binder, from the internet

Breading Ingredients:
1/3 c salt
1/3 c paprika
1/3 c cayenne pepper
2 c flour

Chicken Wings

Mix breading ingredients together in a ziplock bag. (This makes a lot. I only made half and still had plenty left over. Just use a little at a time so you don't contaminate the entire batch and that way you can save the leftovers.)
Pat wings dry. Shake in mixture.
Spray cookie sheet w/Pam, put chicken on, spray top of chicken w/Pam
Bake 375 - 40 mins flipping over half way thru.

I saw this recipe when I was lurking on a cooking message board. You know I'm always on the lookout for wing recipes I don't have to fry. I thought these were very good. Very flavorful and surprisingly not too hot. That sounds like a lot of cayenne but it worked. I halved the recipe and had plenty leftover. I think I made about 4 pounds of wings but I'm not sure.

I had leftover wings so I froze them. I baked those straight from frozen and then tossed them with some hot sauce and melted butter and they were even better. I didn't get a picture of those.

Once again I am spent from cooking most of the day yesterday yet thrilled that I have all of my cooking done for the week. One of the disadvantages to this method of preparation is that it's hard to decide what to eat first. I have all of this good food fully prepared but we can only eat it one day at a time. That's torture!

I think I found trouble this weekend. It's hard to find fun things for my son to do in the cold months. I decided to check out this place that has old arcade games that you can actually play. It's also an antique market. I wasn't thinking much about that part of it but it turns out they have lots and lots of old cookbooks in there. Yay! A place to get my fix when I need it. They're only about 15 minutes away and the books that aren't incredibly old are reasonable. I picked up a 1983 Southern Living Annual for $3.

Question of the Day: What do you do for fun during the cold months?


HotHeaded said...

We go to the library several times a week. But we are book geeks.:)

Anonymous said...

We don't really have "cold" here but on days like today when it's just cool and rainy, we light a fire, sit on the coach and read. It's a nice disconnect from TV and computers.

Finding a place that sells old cookbooks would be trouble for me too.

Anonymous said...

Where I live, it's not an issue. It's more like "what do you do in the heat to stay cool?"

Can't wait to make these wings!