Wednesday, July 01, 2009

He's 1!


6 weeks:

5 months:

1 year:

Usually I would say something such as 'time flies' but honestly it's been a long year! I haven't slept through the night since my bladder started waking me up during late pregnancy. It takes a toll on a very near 40-year-old woman.

But he's worth it. He's so smart and fun (yes, he does smile a lot but the camera distracts him). He's definitely more of a handful than his brother. He's into everything. EVERYTHING! Everytime I turn my back he is on the computer or running from the trash can with a piece of trash in his hand. My older son never had one honest-to-God tantrum and this one throws himself to the ground every chance he gets. He really livens things up around here.

Happy Birthday Daniel!


#1SAHM said...

he's adorable! I'm ~10 years younger than you and have issues with my bladder if that helps you feel any better. ; )

Lynda S said...

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Noel said...

Happy birthday to your little one!! He is too cute! :)

Sara said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday cutie!