Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things will be changing around here

There was a time when I cooked somewhat healthy but especially this past year I've been tired and unfocused which has led to me cooking way too many splurge meals and way too few healthy recipes. It's time to buckle down again which shouldn't be too much of a problem - I have plenty of health-conscious cookbooks and recipes to choose from in my collection.

But first, before I can make anything new and exciting, we are finishing up the leftovers from the cookout this past weekend. Tonight I am taking some of the leftover tortilla chips and salsa, onions (that were sliced and diced for burger and hot dogs), cheese (from the cheese tray) and browned ground beef (from the leftover burgers that weren't grilled) and making a variation of Jamie’s Mexican Chicken and Tortilla Casserole. In the comments, Noel mentioned she used ground beef and that sounded really good to me. It will be decidedly unhealthy but unfortunately after spending a small fortune on the cookout I am forced to stretch out the leftovers as long as I can. I'm balancing it out by eating the healthier leftovers for the rest of my meals.

Question of the Day: How has your eating been lately?


Noel said...

My eating has been so horrid. I really need to do something about it. Cant wait to see how you like the casserole with the ground beef.

Annie Jones said...

The extent of my "healthy" eating is trying to cook as much from scratch as I can, avoiding trans-fats and making sure I get a good variety of foods and enough calcium. I really don't worry about anything else.