Friday, June 05, 2009

Slacking off again/random thoughts

I had another recipe planned for this week but I ended up going in a different direction with dinner last night and it didn't involve a recipe.

I've been on a good run with cooking and I hope it continues. We've had a lot of hits lately.

My grocery bill has been creeping up again. A large reason for that is that I'm excited about cooking and trying new recipes right now. Blogging and my cookbook addiction has its highs and lows and I'm sort of on a high right now. Probably because I'm stressed out about a lot of things and my cookbooks are an escape.

I'm getting swamped with cookbooks again. I think I need a bigger house.

I need to find some sort of farmer's market I can hit on Saturdays. I just haven't felt like going up to auction on Friday nights. I'm sure there are some farm markets that I don't know about hiding around here somewhere.

I'll be back on Monday.

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