Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cooking for Oscar Madison

I spend a good deal of time planning meals, choosing recipes to try, grocery shopping and actually cooking of course. All that effort is lost on my husband who immediately covers his food in condiments - bbq sauce, hot sauce, steak sauce, etc. If he doesn't recognize what I'm serving, he doesn't ask 'what is this?', he asks 'what can I put on this?' It doesn't matter if what I make has a sauce of it's own, it still gets covered up. I can hardly take this personally as he does this without even tasting the food.

Last night when he came home from work, there were egg noodles on the stove and the peasant goulash was in the refrigerator (I had cooked in overnight in the crockpot). I heard him open the refrigerator door and he called to me in the other room 'do I just put this on top?' and I answered 'yes'. When I came back into the kitchen, he had put together a plate of egg noodles, topped with the pasta with cauliflower and cheddar cheese that I made for my lunch this week. Pasta on top of pasta bubbling away in the microwave. I told him he was supposed to take the goulash but apparently it required to much thinking and/or effort to fix his mistake and he ate the pasta and cauliflower on top of the egg noodles for dinner (covered in condiments, I'm sure.)

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