Thursday, March 13, 2008

I try, I really do
--Italian Venison Sausages

Italian Venison Sausages
301 Venison Recipes The Ultimate Deer Hunter’s Cookbook Copyright 1992

2 pounds venison, ground
1 pound ground pork
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons pepper
½ teaspoon oregano leaves
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
1 ½ cups white wine
4 ounces sausage casings
I added fennel seed and red pepper flakes too

Mix the ingredients and blend well. Stuff venison sausage into casings and twist into 6-inch long links. Sausage should be about 1-inch thick, it will expand when cooking. Sausage can also be used in patties. I made patties.

I've been ignoring the venison is the basement freezer but I had to face the music eventually. Venison is not bad but I just don't like it. I can't seem to train my tastebuds to enjoy it for what it is. They keep expecting one of the meats they're used to - beef or pork. Even lamb is a big question mark for me. I've sampled lamb on buffets in the islands and I even sampled it in Costco and enjoyed it but I'm still not going to go out and pay for it since I don't know how much of it I could handle.

I really thought I was going to like this but after a few bites I gave up. Honestly, the sausage didn't taste bad, it just wasn't the taste I expected and I couldn't get past that. My husband ate it. I'm not so sure that he's crazy about venison either but he'd never admit it if he wasn't.

Blast From The Past: Salisbury Steak Deluxe from June 2007. I think this is what I might end up making with ground beef next week.

Question of the Day: Do you like any game meats? How about lamb?


M Smith said...

Ummm I really don't like venison and rabbit. And I have really given it a good try. it just tastes too gamey to me. And like you, I am not too fond of lamb either. But my husband Loves, Loves, LOVES lamb. And I did find that Trader Joe's has a marinated boneless leg of lamb that tastes good even after I cooked it at home. [heh, heh] Anyway, i just buy it and throw it on the grill. When it reaches 135°, I pull it, let it rest, carve and serve. Instant heaven for my husband, and something I can tolerate.

Marriage is all about compromise.

Brilynn said...

I really like venison, lamb too. My dad goes deer hunting each year so there's usually venison in my parents freezer.

The Tomball Three said...

I can't stand game meats... lamb, rabbit, venison, buffalo, none of it.

I like chicken, pig and cow. PERIOD.


Unknown said...

I like venison and lamb but RARELY have either. I do not like duck and have never had rabbit.

Anonymous said...

I've had venison that tasted just like beef and some that has a wild taste, which I don't like. I'm wary around lamb. I've only tasted it about 3-4 times. Twice it tasted okay. I would never buy it, or go out of my way to acquire venison.


Red Dirt Mummy said...

Love, love, love lamb. It's probably my most favourite meat. Here in Aust it's a regular, every-day meat, we eat it cooked in the frypan, minced in patties, marinated on the bbq and as chops, steak, cutlets, shanks, roasted legs of lamb or in casseroles. Go check out my blog for some really yummy lamb recipes.