Friday, June 13, 2008

Auction goodies 6/13/2008

Sara at I Like To Cook has a great feature where she shows us what she buys at the farmer's market every weekend. That's such a great idea that I decided to steal it!

This is what I bought at 'auction' this week. I know the term auction is confusing but I can't bring myself to call our local farmer's market a farmer's market because everyone around here just calls it 'the auction' since there is an auction going on in a back room during the market.

My cookbook guy had a dry week. He had nothing new, just some stuff I've passed over several times already. He actually gave me that book for free since he's had it for several weeks and couldn't unload it. It's a bit hoity-toity for me but after I got it home, I saw that it had several savory crepe recipes in the back and those are definitely on my to-make list someday. Total so far: $0.

Then I picked up the produce I needed for the week. Red onion, parsley and lemon ($2.10 for all) and 1/2 dozen sweet corn ($2). Nothing was local but it was cheaper than the grocery stores. I think the corn is probably from a zone away or so, I'm really not sure. It's a bit early for local corn, I think, but we've been eating corn for a few weeks and it's not bad - certainly not at it's peak but not bad. Total so far: $4.10.

Then I grabbed up two large canisters of Powerball dishwasher tabs for the dishwasher, 85 count each. Yes, there is much more than just produce at the auction. These go for $18.88 each on Amazon. I paid $13 for both! That will run my dishwasher for about 1/2 of a year (we run it almost everyday) and you don't need to buy separate Jet-Dry with these. I might buy more next week if he has any left but I'm sure that once these are gone, they're gone. The same stuff doesn't fall off the truck every week. (Just kidding - I hope!)

Total for this week's trip: $17.10.

No good cookbooks this week but my coworker brought me a bag of them earlier that day so I had my fix.


ThursdayNext said...

I love getting (and reading about) good bargains :)

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking I'm going to go to the big college flea market to find some new cookbooks (since they don't sell them at my market!)

Sara said...

Isn't it fun to read about what people buy? :)
Nice score on the dishwasher soap! I'm jealous.