Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sad news on the eve of such a joyous occasion

Here I am expecting my second child any minute and I received some very sad information.

He's leaving me.

My Cookbook Guy is leaving me.

He travels quite a distance to peddle his wares at this market and it's just not worth it anymore, with the price of gas being what it is. He used to ride with 'the honey lady' but she doesn't come anymore.

Not only that but he had nothing last night. Nothing.

It's the end of an era. It's probably for the best since I'm out of room and I didn't have the strength to stop myself. Now I can take some time to appreciate the books I've purchased over the past year. I was accumulating them faster than I could use them.

I left the auction empty-handed last night. I didn't need any produce and the guy who sells the candy my son likes (Sour Patch Kids) was MIA (it had rained pretty hard earlier and he has an outdoor stall). It was a depressing evening at the auction.


Randi said...

There is still I've gotten some great cheap used books.

ThursdayNext said...

Paula, this means after the baby is born you need to come to NYC and visit Bonnie Slotnick's. :)


Anonymous said...

Condolences, Paula. But there is still Ollie's. I was doing pretty well when I first moved to PA, but then I found your blog and your mention of Ollie's. I go to the one here in State College only occasionally because I, too, have waaaaay too many cookbooks (even after some purging before our move). Best wishes on the approaching birth of your child!

Liz in Bellefonte, PA

Anonymous said...

Oh no, no more cookbook guy? But how am I to live vicariously through your cookbook buying. Now I'll probably buy even more cookbooks, sigh.