Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank you!

I wanted to thank the ladies that posted positive birth stories for me in the comment section when I requested them the other day. I really did feel better after reading them. I'm probably slightly less terrified than I was before LOL.

I still have a couple more days (hopefully!) so if anyone else has a positive birth story, I'd love to hear it.


Rebel In Ontario said...

Mine aren't pretty stories so I won't post...just remember no matter how terrible you think it is going to be, in the end everyone comes out fine and you have a beautiful new baby to hold! I wish you all the luck and I'll be looking here (or lurking as the case may be) to see when that new little man arrives!

Anonymous said...

I had such easy births--the pregnancies were terrible for me---9 months of all day sickness. For my first, I was in labor for 7 1/2 hours and for my second, I was in labor for 2 hours and 19 minutes. I called because my water broke and the nurse told me I had probably just wet myself. I knew different--any way, they said to come on in. I got there at 12:30 in the morning and she was born at 2:39. I think I pushed twice and there she was. I have to tell you that for both pregnancies, we had a waterbed and my water broke when I put my leg over the side to get out of the bed. I had my babies at a military hospital so they said to come in when my water broke--I had no contractions except until after I got the the hospital so I never had to time them myself. I had my second daughter on a Friday and went home on Sunday morning. I was so disappointed--I was looking forward to resting for a while after chasing around a 3 year old for the whole time--my second was a month early but she was okay and came home with me.
Congratulations on your new baby. I'm sure you will do just great. I bet your older son can't wait for his new brother.
Thanks for you blog too--it gives me lots of ideas when I am at a loss for supper. Sheila from the KT

Anonymous said...

I am positive I gave birth to three babies who are all grown today with children of their own. :)

If anyone tries to tell you a negative delivery story tell them to go away. LOL. Sometimes women don't use common sense.

May God bless your delivery and your newborn.

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Two revolting pregnancies (that's why there will be no more!) and two textbook, perfectly fine births. I didn't necessarily think they were fabbo at the time but... they were not that hard and not that bad. Offspring #1 was textbook - little contractions building up to big ones and then he was born, about 8 hours all up. Offspring #2 was a little quicker so no time for pain relief but I had a grat midwife and it wasn't THAT bad, she took about 2.5 hours but we only just made it to the hospital in time.

Ditto what Judy said - if anyone tries to tell you negative stuff tell 'em to get lost (politely!). While I believe in women being informed about what's going to happen there's no need to scare them silly.

Good luck. I'll be waiting to hear the news.