Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Baking, First Recap

I didn't have anything new ready to post today so I thought I would provide a rundown of some of the recipes I like to make around the holidays. There are too many to list all at once so I'll start with these:

Sugar Cookies:

These are an easy drop cookie version. An easy way to add color to your cookie trays - and they're delicious.

Coconut Butterballs:
These buttery cookies are always a hit.

My 'signature cookie', Welsh Cookies (or Cakes):

I think this is the only cookie that will never be phased out of the rotation. They're very tasty for such a basic cookie.

Spritz Cookies (yes, I have to get a picture of the Christmas tree version this year):

I love my Wilton cookie press. It makes making festive spritz cookies a breeze.

These are one of my son's favorites. Everyone likes the Snickerdoodle.

Ricotta Cookies:

I love these cookies but they do not play well with others. They're so moist, the frosting gets squished if you put them on cookies trays. They are great if you want a festive plate of one type of cookie.

Apricot Cream Cheese Thumbprints:
I love these cookies but the powdered sugar doesn't hold up well.

Cherry Cherry Cookies:
I don't make these anymore because of the nuts but they were one of my favorites.

Raspberry (Peach) Kisses:

These are so delicate and delicious. I tried making them smaller for Christmas last year and they were a bit of a pain (getting the dough out of the small scoop). I prefer them larger.

Fruit and Cheese Bread:

My mom's recipe. I still make it but without the nuts. It's much better with the nuts.


Jennifer said...

Those all look delicious! Especially the coconut butterballs. Mmm....

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh. Makes me want to get into the kitchen and start my cookie baking. Wish I had the time!


Anonymous said...

I'm one of the few people I know who does not like Snickerdoodles. The other cookies look good to me.

Unknown said...

The kisses look so good! I'd do the coconut butter balls, but I've just finished making cake balls so I don't want to do another ball shape! Oh, well.

Heather said...

As I look through your cookie posts, I realize how many of them I have made after reading them here.
I love everyone!