Friday, May 08, 2009

No recipe today

I came up a recipe short this week. I have my desire back but I'm still a bit short on time and energy so I had to throw in a few easy meals this week.

Monday we had the Mexican Meat Loaf and Corn Bread Casserole.

Tuesday we had the Chicken and Broccoli with Rice.

Wednesday we had fish sticks and french fries! I had some fish sticks I picked up on a really good sale and they were actually a big hit with my husband. My son lost interest after a few bites. He used to eat fish sticks.

Thursday we had pasta with meatballs and sauce. Last time I made meatballs I made a double batch so I just had to pull those out of the freezer.

Tonight, I don't know. I haven't made dinner on Friday in over a month. I still love homemade pizza but we started getting less expensive subs from around the corner and they're really good and it's so easy. I've started going to the farmer's market on Friday nights again so I like being able to eat and run. But tonight my husband won't be there to pick up the subs so I haven't decided what to do.

I have another dilemma. I can't decide what dessert to take to my Mom's on Mother's Day. I was thinking something fruity but I'm bringing a fruit salad. I'm also bringing Aunt Nancy's Cole Slaw which has pineapple in it. (I'm bringing chicken in my favorite marinade that we'll throw on the grill too.)

I'm torn between making something I've made before and trying something new. Any suggestions? Nothing is hitting me. I was thinking some type of refrigerator dessert but my dad doesn't really like cream cheese (although he likes the Easy Cream Puff Dessert which is on my short list, I'm just not sure. I might want to save that one for Father's Day.)


Krissy said...

hey! why not try making a trifle for mothers day? it's fruity and you can make it ahead. :)


Heather said...

I agree, trifle is a great idea... this is probably more of a summer idea but I have been wanting to make one of those "cakes" that is made out of ice cream sandwiches! Have a happy Mother's Day!

MommyProf said...

I am not, at all, the creative cooking person, but one year I made my mom a simple lemon cake that I decorated with fresh daisies...