Monday, October 12, 2009

A guilty pleasure

Spam Fried Rice
Best of the Best from America Cookbook Copyright 2005

1½ cups diced Spam I used a 7-ounce can
Leftover rice, about 4 cups (cooked)
1 egg
1 tablespoon shoyu (soy sauce)
3 stalks green onion

Fry Spam in a bit of oil in a skillet. Turn heat to low and add rice. Mix egg with shoyu and add to the rice and Spam. Add chopped green onions just before serving.

I'll admit it - I love Spam. I don't eat it very often since I'm not sure if the rest of the household will share my Spam love. I prefer the original version. The lower fat and lower sodium versions just aren't the same but they could probably pass in this recipe.

I've had this can of Spam in my cupboard for ages. I just happened to have leftover rice and just enough green onions in the vegetable bin to make this. It was meant to be.

This was a recipe that I made for my lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my younger son liked it a lot too. Maybe I could pass this off for dinner some night.

We didn't eat a lot of Spam proper when I was growing up but the most common lunch meat in our home in my younger days was spiced ham, which I guess is the deli version of Spam. It was a somewhat oval shaped product that I haven't seen in years.

Question of the Day: Have you ever eaten Spam? When was the last time you ate it?


Annie Jones said...

We eat Spam occasionally. It's been a while since we last had it, though. Somewhere I have an Amish Pantry Pie that includes Spam (and is very yummy), and also a very good recipe for a creamy spam/potato/bean chowder.

Anonymous said...

We like Spam a lot - fried for a sandwich, sliced and fried for the breakfast meat, mixed in scrambled eggs or made into ham salad (if you don't have ham). We don't eat it often, but I always keep a can in the pantry.


Cyndi said...

We love Spam. I used to make a dinner using a can of Spam - cut it in slices but not all the way through - insert pineapple half slices in the folds, top with a mixture of soy sauce and brown sugar. Bake. We eat it often for breakfast to get a change from bacon and sausage. I buy the singles now (even though they're a little more expensive) so hubby can fry up his own for a sandwich.

B and the boys said...

My dad had several meals he made when he took a rare turn cooking as I grew up. Spam and cheese was a favorite for our family. Fry spam add cheese right before removing from the pan and place on slices of untoasted white bread. Have not had it in a couple of years since the kids (even my all meat eater) won't go near it. Maybe it is time to try it again.

Anonymous said...

I made mini egg quiches with chopped Spam, cheddar and green onions ... very good! We don;t eat a lot of Spam and when we do it is the lite version.

Randi said...

I've never eaten it in my life. I'm jewish so not too many pork products came into our house.

Par said...

Back then I would eat it at least once a month or every other month. Now it's more like once a year.