Monday, October 05, 2009

Random ramblings

If I'm lucky, I might post two new recipes this week but that's about it. I had to concentrate on using up what what I have on hand this week and also keeping things simple. New recipes got pushed to the wayside.

I didn't bake for work this weekend because I baked cupcakes for a picnic on Sunday and I knew there would be leftovers to take to work. I used boxed mix! I really haven't found basic yellow or chocolate cupcake recipes that I'm head of heels in love with yet and I wasn't up for yet another disappointment so I went with the always more-than-servicable (if you ask me) boxed mix. A few months ago I saw they were selling small boxes of cake mix that made only 12 cupcakes which I thought was a great idea but I don't think it caught on. I couldn't find them anywhere. So I had to make two regular boxes of cake mix since I wanted both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. That's a lot of cupcakes.

I made them Halloween themed to use up some Halloween sprinkles. I have a sprinkle problem. I was storing them in the cupboard but they were getting lost in there so I pulled them all out and put them in another container. I have a lot of sprinkles! I really need to start making more recipes that use sprinkles.

I bought a Taste of Home annual recipe book (in new condition) for 25 cents at a yard sale this weekend. I don't find too many cookbooks at yard sales, never mind really good ones and this one has a lot of great recipes in it. I also got a tortilla press for $1. It's not a great press but it's something I've wanted but knew I probably wouldn't use very much so I can get it out of my system for $1 (or maybe I might decide it's worth investing in a quality press).

I will only be in my 30s for a few more days. *sigh*


Annie Jones said...

What is it about sprinkles? I have the same problem.

Anonymous said...

Sprinkles problem here, also. And I only use the dreaded things (I hate to get one in my mouth) if I have to. But they do make decorating easy. Ooh, what I would hate most of all would be to have them on top of ice cream.

CBJ, you're still so young. Have a happy birthday!


Rochelle R. said...

That sure was a great deal on the TOH cookbook, usually they are high even at thrift stores. I have seen the small cupcake mixes showing up at my local dollar stores. I guess you are right and they didn't catch on.