Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat

Tonight is Trick or Treat Night. Try explaining to an almost 5-year old why children don't trick or treat on Halloween proper. Even I don't understand why that is but apparently in this area, it's just not allowed.

I had nothing to post today so I thought I'd find some Halloween pictures since, for all intents and purposes, it is Halloween here tonight.

I made these cookies for my son's first Halloween party at school (now, they have 'Fall Celebrations' instead of Halloween parties). They came out awesome. I've never been able to get that same glaze recipe to set like that again.

This was another attempt at cookies where I resorted to almond bark and I was NOT pleased at all with the results:

These are three of my older son's past costumes. He didn't want one this year and frankly, I was thrilled to not have to spend the money for a costume he would usually only keep on long enough for me to take a picture (and then maybe even not that long - I can't find a picture of his giraffe costume). He may look happy in these pictures but believe me, except for the first one, he wasn't.

First Halloween in '04 (and that is not poop in that picture! I think it's a foot from another child's animal costume.):

Halloween in '06:

Halloween in '07:

I'll be back tomorrow if I get a chance to document what I'm making for dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Too cute--love the Frankenstein costume. Boy--has he grown. He looks so tall in that last picture. I have never had any luck decorating cookies--I usually leave mine plain or use jimmies and such. I'm not a baker by any means--my husband finally told me it was okay to buy birthday cakes. I think my problem is I don't like to take the time to be precise like you have to be in baking--I can cook just about anything but then I am a "little bit of this, little bit of that" kind of cook.Sheila

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on know that's poop on the carpet! LOL!!

Those pictures are ADORABLE. They made me ooh and ahh and smile really big.


Anonymous said...

Okay, those first purple, orange and white cookies look amazing! And how cute is the Buzz Lightyear costume. But I don't get why kids aren't trick or treating tomorrow? We always go with the Godkids on Halloween night to trick or treat?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those cookies are really pretty! What a cute little boy ;-P! Happy Halloween!



The Cookbook Junkie said...

I don't understand why kids don't trick or treat on Halloween either. I think people thought it was too dangerous for kids to be out on Halloween, especially when it fell on a Friday or Saturday night so they started having it on a Thursday night instead. And if Halloween falls on a Thursday, they have it the Thursday before!

I shouldn't judge. When I was growing up, we always trick or treated on two nights AND we sang at every house. People think that was weird (and so do I, now.)

Anonymous said...

Adorable!!!! Amazing how alike your two little ones look: I thought the first shot was of your newest boy! Love your blog. Miss the auction pictures and news, though. I stopped dressing up for Halloween in the 4th grade, when the city decided, for safety reasons, T or T needed to be on a Sunday afternoon. Puleeze.

Randi said...

Thats weird that they dont trick or treat. They were out in droves on Friday night in my hood. We always went out on whatever night Halloween fell on.