Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekly recap

Nothing new to post about today. I had one more recipe that's been on my to-do list for two weeks and I still haven't found the time to make it. Maybe this weekend.

I don't think I recapped last week's meals and I can't even remember what we ate now. I know we had cube steak sandwiches and they were awesome. I think we had meatballs and pasta too. Friday I made pizza with that great dough. Oh, there was Kielbasa with Beer & Onions .

The other meal I made was this Chicken-and-Rice Bake that I loved the first time I made it. When I was making it this time, I wasn't so sure it was going to work out. I was making it the night before and it didn't look as creamy as I'd remembered it and I just knew it wasn't going to be as good. I was wrong! I loved it all it over again.

This week started with Liberace's pork chops (not quite how he intended them but wonderful the way they turned out), Tuesday we had grilled chicken, Wednesday we had Cheeseburger Macaroni and last night we chicken fried rice and potstickers. Tonight is homemade pizza again (I can't wait!)

I got kind of a nasty comment on an old post yesterday. The recipe used canned soup and the commenter (who is hiding behind a private profile) suggested that anyone who used canned soup must not know how to cook. What an ass. I think I do pretty darn well for someone who's out of the house 11.5 hours a day (yes, I leave at 6:30am and I don't get home until 6pm*). I've been putting mostly cooked-from-scratch food on the table and if I want to use some canned cream-of-whatever soup in a recipe every now and then, I'm going to, and I'm going to do it without apology.

(*The boys come with me for anyone who's worried that I'm away from them that long. I have onsite daycare.)

I had a lot of luck at the grocery store last night. As a promotional thing, I earned 15% off of my total. With sales and 'club' savings, I saved almost 28% on my groceries this week. I spent less than last week. I found some great deals on meat. I got a value pack of cubed steaks, a 3-lb package of Hillshire kielbasa, 2 small pork loins, and 2 2-lb boxes of all-natural Angus beef burgers. I stocked up on a few other things too.

Question of the Day: What did you have for dinner this week?


Heather said...

You're right what an ass!
Honestly, we had chili most of the week and then I had toast last night.
I am working on a cake for a Saturday wedding and just can't even think about dinner.

Annie Jones said...

We had pork chops in onion-mushroom gravy, meatballs in a creamy chicken sauce, beef fajitas, and leftovers of those three meals throughout the week.

BTW, the pork chops and meatballs both called for canned "cream of" soups. And they both tasted wonderful. While I can and do make my own sauces a lot of the time, I don't mind using the canned soups sometimes. They are quick, easy and taste good. And it's no one else's business anyway.

Why is it that snarky comments are always anonymous?

Randi said...

I consider myself a very experienced cook and I use cream of soup in 2 dishes. Green bean casserole and a tater tot hot dish. That nasty person can kiss your grits!!

Randi said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I think you do amazing with the amount of time you're away from the house.

Anonymous said...

That assy comment is totally out of place. I think you do a great job of picking a variety of recipes and I always enjoy reading your blog.

ThursdayNext said...

Earlier this week was too busy for dinner, but last night I made lamb chops marinated in garlic and lemon, rosemary roasted red potatoes, and green beans sauteed with onions.

Uh...I use canned soup for casseroles all the time and *also* know how to make homemade gnocci. This person is an ass. Real foodies arent snobs, and the person sounds like a fake foodie.

Red Dirt Mummy said...

We had spaghetti bolognaise (barely a week goes by without it!), cottage pie, chicken, leek and pasta bake and roast chicken with roast vegies. As that only covers four nights I'm sure we must have had other meals but I can't remember what they were, although the pasta bake did do two nights.

I always find it interesting that snarky comments tend to be anonymous, no matter what blog they're left on. Seriously, if people are going to make those kind of comments they should at least own up to them.

I cook a few dishes that use canned soup as an ingredient. It's easy, it's cheap and you end up with a great dish for dinner. Yes, I cook most things from scratch but I'm slowly giving up the quest for 'perfect wife/mum/woman' for 'the wife/mum/woman who works, cooks, cleans, shops, plays with the kids, helps with homework, has time to hang out with hubby, etc, etc, etc'. I kinda like the second one better :)

Anonymous said...

As a working mother of two, I also agree - what an ass! That person must not have children or has the luxury of staying home all day.

Stephanie said...

I don't understand why people leave comments like that! I follow your posts through Bloglines, and your meal choices always seem very balanced, delicious, and REAL. You are doing a great job--don't let someone on their high-horse discourage you!

As for what we had for dinner this week--we were on vacation out so no cooking for me. I'm ready for some home-cooked meals (not ready for the dirty dishes that come with it though!).

Anonymous said...

It seemed as if I had it really easy, not intentionally, just worked out that way.
Sun. - Beef stew and French bread
Mon. - Spaghetti and meat sauce
Garlic bread
Tues. -Frito pie and salad
Wed. -Leftovers of Mon. and Tues.
Thurs.-Chicken and rice.
(the recipe from the '70's with dry onion soup mix that bakes low temp. for 2 hours.)
Fri.- Leftovers
Sat.- Hamburger and onion patties
with brown gravy
Mashed potatoes
Pinto beans

Anonymous said...

The last comment was mine.


Wanda said...

Jan just emailed me and said she was going to come here and do a week's worth of comments. She asked me if I wanted to, too, and said, "Meet you there!". But I am not going to answer this question for fear of giving your blog a bad name. LOL!

Heather said...

Oh please on the comment... I think you do a great job, my family would love to have all the home cooked/new recipes that yours gets! If this person was perusing recipes that use canned soup then I guess they "can't cook" either ;-)

Still can't figure out what to do on ballet nights, tonight we had world's fastest hamburgers/oven fries but not all eating at the same time!!