Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly recap

I actually had a another recipe to post this week but I was so busy last night I didn't get a chance to upload the picture. It will have to wait until next week. I'll just do a weekly recap, although I do hope to get back to posting 5 recipes each week instead of 4 recipes and a recap. You really got shortchanged this week since I took Monday off from posting and only posted 3 recipes.

Monday I made PF Chang Chang's Spicy Chicken with rice and pot stickers. I wanted egg rolls but how is it possible that the closest (and largest) grocery store in my area does not carry any egg rolls whatsoever anymore??? They used to carry the best frozen ones (out of all the brands available to me) but they stopped.

Tuesday we had cube steak sandwiches with provolone cheese, french fries and corn on the cob (which was surprisingly good for this late in the year).

Wednesday I made a rerun, one of my very favorite recipes, Easy Italian Spiced Pork (Chops):

I only had a smidgen of balsamic vinegar so I just used white vinegar for most of what the recipe called for and they were just as good, maybe even better. They didn't have that rosey hue that using all balsamic vinegar gives them (the one in this picture was made with all balsamic vinegar). We had green beans and mashed potatoes with that.

Last night, Thursday, we had Sausage and Ham Jambalaya which is the recipe you'll have to wait for. It really hit the spot.

Salad was available every night.

Tonight is pizza night, of course. I'm still using that same pizza dough recipe.

Oh, my son had a fall party at school and I made another rerun, Glazed Chocolate Chip Brownies.

I sprinkled them with Sixlets since they're fall colors and safe for my son. I wish I had taken a picture of them with the Sixlets because they were cute. These are what Sixlets look like if you're not familiar with them:

And that was my week. Between having Monday off and getting out of work a little bit earlier the rest of the week, I felt as if I had a bit of breathing room for a change.

Oh, I almost forgot the most exciting news - the recipe archive is caught up to date as of right now! Recipes were backed up from July but you can find them all in the archives now. There are close to 750 recipes, from over 260 cookbooks.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do everything you do--work full time, take care of 2 children, house, husband and still blog. I get tired just thinking about it!!! I appreciate your recipes and pictures. My daughter likes to cook but she likes to see what things are supposed to look like first. She is 19 and learning how to cook so your blog really helps. Thanks for your blog. Sheila

Heather said...

Paula, you out do yourself every week. Thank you! I am going to have to make the Apple Bread!

La Pixie said...

have you asked your store to start carrying frozen egg rolls? I know that for me, its frozen bananas, and they only carry them from time to time at my Safeway, but they do that because I always ask for them. in fact, sometimes I make my cousins ask too, just so that the store knows theres a demand.