Thursday, May 28, 2009

Definitely a keeper

Zesty Fish Stick Tacos
Pillsbury Kids Cookbook Copyright 2005

24 frozen fish sticks
¾ cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoon taco seasoning mix I used homemade (scroll down in that link)
1 medium tomato I omitted this
1 ½ cups chopped lettuce (from a bag) I used a salad mix
12 soft flour tortillas
Taco sauce, if desired

1. Heat the oven as directed on the box of fish sticks.
2. Measure out the mayonnaise. Use a rubber spatula to scrape it all out of the measuring cup into a bowl. Measure out the taco seasoning mix. Put it in the bowl. Mix them up with a wooden spoon.
3. Put the fish sticks on the cookie sheet. Bake them as directed on the box. While the fish sticks are baking, wash the tomato. Use a sharp knife to cut it into small pieces on a cutting board. Measure out the lettuce.
4. Remove the tortillas from the box. Stack them on a plate. Cover the tortillas with a piece of plastic wrap. Microwave the tortillas on High 1 minute.
5. When the fish sticks are done baking, carefully take the cookie sheet out of the oven with pot holders. Use a pancake turner to remove the fish sticks from the cookie sheet and put them on the cutting board. Use a table knife to cut each warm fish stick into 4 pieces. I just used the whole sticks - less messy that way.
6. Divide the mayonnaise mixture evenly onto the tortillas. Use a table knife to spread the mixture over the tortilla. Top 1 side of each tortilla with 8 fish stick pieces, a little of the lettuce and some of the tomato. Fold the side of each tortilla without toppings over the top. Serve the tacos with the taco sauce.

I love fish tacos. Not living on the coast, they aren't exactly found on every corner here but there is a very good Mexican restaurant in town that serves them. I don't get there very often so I thought this recipe might tide me over until my next visit.

My husband seemed skeptical when I said we were having fish stick tacos. I told him he could eat the fish sticks another way if he didn't want to make them into tacos. I noticed he started with one taco. Then he returned for more. And more. And more. I wish I had that man's metabolism.

I absolutely loved them. I happen to like fish sticks a lot. If I had known how much my husband liked them, we probably would have eaten a lot more of them over the years. We will definitely have these again. They're so simple to make, especially if you have everyone build their own. My son does not seem to like fish sticks anymore (he did try to like them) so he just ate the macaroni and cheese I made on the side.

This is another recipe from a kids cookbook. I like the way they tell which utensil to use, what tools are needed for every step. That's something you take for granted when you've been cooking for a while but helpful for a young person just getting acquainted with the kitchen.

Question of the Day: Do you like fish sticks?


Annie Jones said...

When I was young (in elementary school) I hated them, but it might have just been the brand they served there. I like them just fine now, although I wouldn't want them every day or even every week. These tacos sound yummy, though!

MommyProf said...

Gag. My parents used to force me to eat this concoction of fishsticks, limp broccoli and a can of Campbell's cheddar cheese soup thinned with milk poured over the top, and then the whole thing baked, and to this day, I strongly dislike any kind of breaded fish.

I do like fish tacos, though, so go figure. I wish Rubio's would open a franchise in Central State.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had any in ages, but I liked them okay. I have had fish tacos at restaurants and they are good. Now, as for MommyProf's nightmare....NOOOOOOO!


Unknown said...

I haven't had them in a while. I just have this feeling that my fish taste palate may have improved since I last had fish sticks. I think I'll stick to the unchopped form!

Rochelle R. said...

I like fish sticks and think I'll try this recipe. I will probably use coleslaw mix instead of lettuce, that will make them more like the Rubio's fish tacos. Rubio's always gives you a little slice of lime to squeeze on top and that is a yummy extra touch.

John said...

It looks so good. I's definitely try this one.
Thank you for sharing

La Pixie said...

I dont really like fish sticks, but my husband loves fish tacos, so I decided to give this a try. THEY WERE AWESOME!! thank you so much for posting this. the food was a hit with me, my husband, my cousin and her daughter.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Thanks for the feedback, LaPixie. I'm glad they were a hit. I can't wait to make these again!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, fish sticks and canned green beans were apparently all I ate for the first three years of my life! My kids like it too (but they do eat other things LOL). They really like fish sticks and they LOVE tacos so I don't see how this could fail!

Dr. Alice said...

I've always had a soft spot for fish sticks. As a single cook, this looks like an awesome recipe - you can make it in increments. Thanks!