Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bad mommy

I was waiting at the end of the slide, ready to take a picture thinking Dan would slowly slide to halt at the bottom as he had at the park we visited the day before. Instead he flew right off and landed right on the ground! While I stood there and snapped this picture. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt. It was a really nice park with this very soft carpeting on the ground, with a lot of padding underneath.

More recipes coming soon. I'm still semi-taking a break.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for sharing! Having a little one myself and knowing how unbreakable they are, this made me laugh! I love the title of the post and then that facial expression..."hey mom,are slides supposed to be like this?"

Thanks for keeping it real.

M Smith said...

Mwa ha haaa! I'm guilty of doing that too. But I suppose my most unproud moment was when my son was about 9 months old and he rolled right off the changing table, onto the hardwood floor. Right in front of me. I was right there, and he still managed to roll between me and the changing table.

I felt like an idiot. Especially with his big 'ol Flintstone lump on his noggin. But don't worry, his teachers tell me that he's a very bright kid today. ;)

Sara said...

whoops! Cute picture, when you know he is ok. I laughed, I'm sure I'll do much worse to my poor little one when he gets here.

KatiePerk said...

Great Photography!! What a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I had to laugh. Poor baby...everyone laughing. That's so cute,though. I remember the old days when there was just hard ground underneath playground equipment. I don't know how kids survived playing in those days.


Red Dirt Mummy said...

Hahahahahaha - you made me laugh too. Mostly because I do this regularly!