Saturday, November 07, 2009

Venison recipes

With deer season here or about here (depending on where you live and your choice of weapon), I thought I'd list my tried-and-true venison recipes. Okay, I didn't love them all but I didn't find anything inherently wrong with any of them, I'm just not a huge fan of deer meat. Occasionally I really enjoy it but mostly I just tolerate it. I think it's more of a mental thing than anything else.

There are some people who like venison without any hesitation, which is great. In that case, there is little problem in substituting venison for similar cuts of beef in any beef recipe. I'm not that daring. I have to get as much of the deer taste out of the venison as possible first. I do that by marinating it (in buttermilk or a water, salt and vinegar mixture) or, in the case of ground venison, I will either boil it or rinse it with boiling water after browning it before proceeding. Sometimes butchers mix pork into ground venison, in which case you might not want to wash out the pork flavor.

You'll also find that every deer doesn't taste the same. Some have more of a gamey taste than others. Farm-raised venison probably doesn't need any 'pre-treating'.

Barbecue Venison:

Hunter’s Favorite Chili:

Venison Au Jus:

Venison Eugene:

Venison in Sauce:
(a hideous picture but this is my favorite venison recipe that I've made over and over)

Venison Paprika:

Venison Stroganoff:

Big Game Baked Round Steak:

American Chop Suey:

Italian Venison Sausages:
(I did not care for this at all but I really don't know why. It might work well with ground venison that has been mixed with pork.)

Purist Chili:


KatiePerk said...

Thanks for posting! I have been at a loss with what to do with the venison in our freezer!! That au jus and paprika venison look yummy!! I want to try the stroganoff too! I hope we have enough venison!

Anonymous said...

What is the recipe for your vinegar venison marinade? My husband is about to shoot another deer, and we still have meat left in the freezer. I am scared of venison in large chunks, especially when it's not in a strongly flavored sauce, and would like to get out a lot of the meat's strong flavors with a marinade before cooking the steaks and roast.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I may not always be as precise but I basically use the marinade from the Venison in Sauce recipe which is
½ cup vinegar
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 Tbsp. salt
Cold water(to cover)

I don't always add the garlic.

I've had good results with buttermilk too but that's a more expensive option.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the marinade recipe! I'll have to use it and see how things turn out!

Anonymous said...

murdering cunt , I hope your husband gets cancer

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I think your venomous attitude is more likely to cause you health issues in the future. This blog is filled with meat recipes - the deer I've cooked probably had the best lives out of all of the animals that were killed for the meat I purchased commercially. Funny you spew you hate here, and on a dead blog that not many people even read when it was active.

Unknown said...

I like to marinade with French dressing on my venison to curb the wild taste for my wife and family.