Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another birthday cake for Nick

I survived another birthday party. Nick turned seven this past week. We had his party today since he didn't tell me he wanted one until after Christmas. I was hoping to avoid the party thing this year but it turned out well. Except for Dan complaining of a bellyache 30 minutes into the party. He wouldn't let me go and I was sure he was going to throw up but he didn't. He turned back into his old self right at the end of the party. Must have been gas. I hope (knock on wood). It threw me off but thank God I had backup (another helpful mom).

I made the cupcakes from a box (Duncan Hines) and the cake was my favorite chocolate cake recipe, the awesome Chocolate Fudge Cake. I love that cake! I used Easy Buttercream for the green frosting. The football is canned chocolate frosting and the gold is canned white frosting with gold food coloring. The accents are from tubed icing. It's just easier to do it that way.

Yay! I just realized when I posted to that Buttercream recipe that it shows a picture of Nick's 2nd birthday cake. I was looking for pictures of all of his birthday cakes the other day and I couldn't find one of that cake anywhere. Thank God for blogging! I've only missed his first birthday here since I started this blog a few months before he turned two.

Now I have two days off to recuperate. I hope I get to cook something.


Annie Jones said...

Cute cake and cupcakes!

Love Your Cake said...

i love the icing thickness on the cupcakes!! i want to dive right in!!