Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Closer Look at the Books

Okay, I'm happy with how long I've been blogging, how many new recipes I've tried, and how many cookbooks I've used but I've always been a bit unhappy with the lack of focus on the actual cookbooks. I always feel like I should try a recipe from one before mentioning it, and then when I have tried a recipe and blog about it, most times the book itself doesn't get much of a mention since I am so focused on the recipe. I don't see my habits changing in that respect, to be honest.

BUT, I've decided to spotlight a book every now and then, especially the ones I haven't made a recipe from yet. You might think that's a sign that it isn't a good cookbook but it really isn't. There is no way I will ever cook from every book. I don't expect to, never have. Why have them then? Well, I love the possibilities in every cookbook and even the ones I don't cook from are often educational or just plain interesting. And it's a hobby - hobbies don't have to make sense.

These won't be comprehensive reviews, just small bits of information on the books. I've tried doing this before, more in depth, and I quickly learned I don't have the interest to do that.

So expect 'A Closer Look at the Books' posts to start making appearances soon. I'm not doing this on any particular schedule, just as I come across books I think deserve some extra attention.


Anonymous said...

That sounds interesting. I am very late in letting you know how glad I am to have you back. I've enjoyed all your recent posts and was so impressed with your Christmas array. I made only six sweets this time (chocolate haystacks, cranberry-almond bark, sugar cookies, pineapple-cherry quick bread, pumpkin pie and date balls), when usually I make more. I was surprised, however, that I got anything done, the way things were going.


The Cookbook Junkie said...

I feel like that every year Jan. I tend to do all my baking at the last minute so everything is fresh and with Christmas on a Saturday that meant I had to deliver cookies to work on Thursday (since we had Friday off) yet still have things fresh for Saturday. So I didn't start until the Saturday before and I worked full-time that week. I don't even know how I got that all done!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

As one of your newest followers, I am looking forward to these posts. I'm dying to start a cookbook collection and would love some guidance in selecting them.