Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rice krispie treats revisted

Rice Krispie Treats On Sticks

1/4 cup butter
1 10 oz. bag marshmallows
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
6 cups (or more) rice krispies

Melt butter, add marshmallows. When marshmallows are melted take off heat and add vanilla, then the cereal. Spray pan with cooking spray, firmly add mixture. Let cool a bit before cutting and inserting sticks. If you wait to long you might not be able to get the sticks in. Decorate as desired.

I've made rice krispie treats before but they were just your garden variety rice krispie treats. These were still just regular old rice krispie treats but I dolled them up for Nick's birthday treat at school yesterday with a light coating of CandiQuick on one side, a Swedish fish and some blue sprinkles. I also put them on sticks. Nick saw that and said 'They're on sticks! Now we won't get our hands dirty when we eat them!' Smart boy. Not that my main goal was the kids keeping their hands clean. Food is just more fun on a stick. They would have been just as good without the sticks, and you can risk them being softer without the sticks.

These were a bit of work because I needed two batches and I prefer to make these on the stovetop, not in the microwave. Make sure you use the full 6 cups or more if you're going to put them on sticks. I added more and I may have added more than I should have, especially the second batch, so they were a bit drier than I prefer but I reasoned that meant less sugar for the kids. I prefer my rice krispie treats more towards the gooey end of the spectrum.

My original thought was rice krispie cupcakes but I started thinking about how hard it might be to put that sticky mixture in individual cupcake cups. And would it stick to the cupcake papers? Surfing around I came up with this idea. There are fancier ways to decorate these but I was looking for something uncomplicated and unfussy.

I went the rice krispie treat route because last year when it was my turn to bring snack, I asked the kindergarten teacher what the kids like best and she said rice krispie treats. So I hope these first graders like them too. The first graders don't have snack everyday so they probably at least enjoyed the break in the day. I was hoping to skip the birthday snack but since Nick can't eat most of the snacks the other kids bring in, and they are still bringing them in for birthdays, I went along.

Question of the Day: What foods on a stick do you like? Corn dogs are probably the ultimate food on a stick.


Lauren said...

I LOVE Rice Krispie Treats (and you're right...the gooier the better to me)!!

My favorite food on a stick would have to be Dove ice cream bars lol!

B and the boys said...

Rice Krispie treats are always a favorite and terrific that they are nut free. The kids new school has a no birthday treat policy across the school and i have to say that I am delighted about it. Treats for the class plus a party plus a family celebration was pushing it too far for me. Your treats turned out cute. Happy bday to your #1!

Miss Candiquik said...

gotta love rice krispies on a stick...Cake Pops are my favorite food on a stick ;)

Sarah aka Miss Candiquik

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Oooh! Miss Candiquik, I just bookmarked your site and liked your Facebook page. I love Candiquik! It's so easy to work with.

TKIngalls said...

These are so cute! I love Krispie treats & putting them on sticks is a great idea. Corn dogs are my favorite savory food on a stick. For sweet it would have to be ice cream pops.

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I know they must have been a hit at school. I remember my first rice krispie treats, sometime in the l950's. Our Grandmother would made them for us when we were at her house. Food on a stick.....I guess corn dogs. My mind is rather blank except for ice cream.