Thursday, January 27, 2011

Recipes I'm not going to tell you about

There have been a lot of things I've made this past year that I never got around to telling you about. I either can't (I don't remember where the recipe is) and/or they were just not that great or exciting (I know, since when has that stopped me?)

This is an eggplant and tomato salad with feta cheese and capers that I made way back when that just didn't wow me. I used the light purple eggplants which are adorable but rather flavorless and I didn't care for the texture of the eggplant. Otherwise, I think this recipe has potential except I don't know where it is. If I even find it I might give it another try with a different variety of eggplant, when tomato season comes along again.

This is a sloppy joe recipe that was fine but there was nothing special about it. I think I used ground turkey.

World Peace Cookies - just about every blogger has made these already. They were okay. I didn't use a really good chocolate or a specialty salt so I won't argue with anyone who did and raved about these (as most people have). Also, I made them for a shower with a bunch of other cookies so I think I was just cookied out when I finally tasted these.

I made these big oatmeal cookies when I made a bunch of other big cookies for my son's teachers. I actually used raisins since I also made chocolate chip cookies for them. I usually put chocolate chip in my oatmeal cookies. These were really good but not so outrageously good that I'm upset that I don't remember where the recipe is. I might have found it online. I think it was the 'big' that made these so good - I'm a sucker for oversized cookies .

These glazed Chinese drumsticks were a failure. They were cooked on the stove top and the skin just about came off and the glaze was pretty lame. They tasted okay but, well, the picture tells the rest.

These drumsticks were cooked in Heinz 57 Sauce. They were supposed to be cooked on the stove top but learning a lesson from the glazed Chinese drumsticks, I did them in the oven. I liked the way they turned out texture-wise but I didn't care for the flavor.

A three pepper relish that wasn't bad, I just don't remember where I got the recipe from.

This is your typical lemon bundt cake, made from scratch with a lemony glaze. It was good, nothing earth shattering about it though. I made it to use up some lemons that I had. I have no idea which cookbook I got that recipe from. I'm sure there is a recipe like this is many of my cookbooks.


Barnes Blog said...

You're pretty much an inspiration. I love that you try don't let bananas and lemons go to waste, you find a use for them. That's cool to me.
I love your blog.

B and the boys said...

I love hearing about your successful recipes, but hearing about the not-so-hot ones is inspiring too. I have found my kids love hearing about (or experiencing) the meals that are so bad they are scraped for frozen pizza or sandwiches.

Wanda said...

I always enjoy your blog entries. Well, I must be the only person on the planet who hasn't heard of the World Peace Cookies. ;) They look like the choc. cookies my grandmother made way back in the 50's, though. I still make them today.
And the drumstick pictures reminded me of what I threw together last night - chicken with bottled bbq sauce poured on top and baked in the oven. It turned out really good, I thought. Hubby didn't comment.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I often bake chicken pieces with BBQ sauce, Wanda. I love that. The Heinz 57 sauce just didn't do it for me in this recipe. I love it for other things but not this. It could be that my taste buds wanted BBQ sauce.

Sabine Rogers said...

For me, reading about unsuccessful recipes is just as interesting, entertaining, and helpful as those recipes that come out perfect. As someone who bakes and cooks, its nice to be able to step back and laugh at the things that went horribly wrong.
And even though you say they were wrecks, after reading this post I am hungry for chicken!