Monday, November 13, 2006

No cooking this weekend

Café Rico
Mexican Family Favorites Cook Book Copyright 1983

1 cup hot coffee
1 oz. coffee liqueur
3 Tbsp. evaporated milk
1 tsp. light brown sugar
dash cinnamon
whipped cream (or marshmallow cream)

Use an oversized coffee mug. Combine all ingredients in the order given. Top with whipped cream or marshmallow cream.

Serves 1.

I used to love to get a 'fancy' coffee after dinner out in a restaurant but I didn't like forking out the arm and leg they usually charged for them. If you keep a few liqueurs at home in your liquor cabinet, you can easily and cheaply mix up one of these coffees any time you like. You can use flavored syrups if you don't want the alcohol. If you want a buzz, use decaf!

I never got around to cooking anything this weekend. That's a rarity. I walked out of Costco empty-handed this weekend too. What is happening to me???

I found this gem of a cookbook in the bookstore a couple of weeks ago. Just $6.95 for a basic spiral bound pictureless book that is loaded with authentic Mexican-American recipes. I'm sure not every Mexican-American family cooks exactly like this but the author's family does and that's good enough for me. The book is in at least it's 27th printing so that says something.

A Blast From The Past: Sautéed Shrimp and Vermicelli from November 2005. Because of my son's food allergies, we don't make shellfish around here anymore but I'm thinking about trying this with chicken. It was so good and and so simple.

Question Of The Day: Do you drink alcohol or abstain?


Unknown said...

I don't like the way it tastes, so I abstain.

Anonymous said...

Only on rare occassions will I have a little. A small glass of red wine with my meal or a grasshopper (creme d'mint, creme d'cocoa and table cream) - rich, heavy and mouth watering! But most days/weeks/months I abstain as well.

Anonymous said...

I have two children, of course I drink! I love red wine and a wide variety of cocktails provided they aren't too sweet. Have you tried a Nutty Irishman (coffe, Frangelico, and Bailey's)?

Jennifer said...

Vodka Tonic, please.

DancesInGarden said...

I abstain. I am not really supposed to drink alcohol because of the meds I take and the conditions I have, so that is a factor. And I come from a family of addicts and alcoholics and have issues with people that get intoxicated at inappropriate times, so that is another factor.

Just made the decision that it is not right for me, I guess.

I drank a LOT when I was "younger".

Anonymous said...

I abstain.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy drinks, especially ones with liquers that warm your mouth and your throat in the winter. One I especially enjoy in the colder months is a hot apple cider (preferably fresh, but the alpine packets work too) with spiced rum and whipped cream.